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My Chocolate Pancake. ??
By Maureen ??


1 serving
Enough pancake blend for 1 person
2 drops pure vanilla extract
1 little chocolate unfold for each one
Non stick frying pan
1 little butter for every pancake for frying

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Make your Pancake combination then upload 2 drops of natural vanilla then combination in. Use a non stick pan and upload a bit butter soften it then add your pancake combination in a pouring jug. Upload a touch butter for every one.
Add for any length you desire i made small ones. When cooked on each side upload to a plate
When it bubbles on top its well to show over.
Spread the chocolate on them only a very thin unfold or they are going to be sickly to taste. Then add the subsequent yet dont positioned chocolate on, simply each other one. I made 5 thin ones on excellent of each other.
Serve while warm.

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